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National Shows

105.7 The Point's "PointFest"
Opened for Staind
Opened for Blue October

105.7 The Point's "PointFest"
Opened for 10 Years

Headlining shows

Pop's Nighclub

Pop's Nightclub

about us

MESOTERA is an American Rock band based just on the Pacific side of the gateway to the West in a little town called St. Louis.
The rather eclectic group consists of David Brown (Lead Vocals), Jesse Cox (Guitar/Lead Noise Maker), Matt Nichols (Bass/Vocals) and Mike Steinmetz (Drums).

I think "who we are" at least to me, is a shot of truth and reality injected into a society that cant make heads or tails of what’s going on. Most are too self absorbed and those that can “see” feel helpless. I think our music, at least I hope, is a look into the mirror so that we can see what we really are. All of the self help--its going to be alright--propaganda gives people a false sense of security. It’s putting a band-aid on cancer. I don’t think our music is always going to have the answers, but it is always going to be an honest representation of how ugly we can be to each other and the subsequent effects on society. I think our name "Mesoterra", which means “middle-ground,” is what we represent. Balanced, honest, heart-felt truth that sometimes stings a little but is absolutely necessary to identify real issues in today’s world. An unbiased, middle of the road commentary, covering today’s issues and stories that you wont see on TV. There is no sugar coating or turning away from the core of the problem but facing it head on by first recognizing it, and then hopefully, figuring out a better way because it is imperative to the next generations.